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Studio-Gallery and Artists’ Salon

Manolis Projects is Florida's largest working studio and fine art gallery, located in Miami's Lemon City neighborhood. We proudly feature unique paintings, sculptures and collectible limited edition works from over 40 artists from around the world. We focus on modern master’s and contemporary art, bridging the gap between established and emerging artists and collectors. J. Steven Manolis, a leading and critically acclaimed abstract expressionist artist, also paints and displays his own work. 

Manolis Projects also hosts one of the East Coast’s largest artists’ salons where artists come to exchange ideas and inspire each other and show their work. We curate 3 new shows every year. If you want to see a working studio-gallery and what happens behind the scenes, this is the place to visit. The Gallery is open by appointment only; 7 days a week.

J. Steven Manolis is a well-known philanthropist in the Arts, having served as Chairman of the Advisory Board for the National Academy of Design in New York City and on the Board of Trustees of the Vermont Studio Center. Manolis also offers private curation services for collectors, architects, and designers.

The gallery offers visitors a unique behind the scenes view of a working studio + gallery.


Gallery - Manolis Projects

Art Placement

We work with Interior Designers, Art Buyers, and Real Estate Developers to find the perfect artwork to match any decor or size need. Under the guidance of artist and previous Chairman of the Board of the National Academy of Design, J. Steven Manolis, we can help you curate a whole space or help you pick the perfect artwork to harmonize your design.


Gallery - Manolis Projects

Outdoor Art

Great contemporary outdoor art for your covered patio or yacht is very hard to find. Many art connoisseurs are limited to displaying their art inside their homes. J. Steven Manolis is able to create large colorful abstract paintings (or, Black and White paintings) that are weather resistant and can be displayed on your covered patio walls. These paintings can resist damage from heat and humidity.

Manolis Projects can source outdoor sculptures to fit your size and taste preferences.

Gallery - Manolis Projects

Design Trade Services

Manolis Projects can help architects and designers curate an art collection in order to create the ambiance they desire. Manolis Projects is well known for providing sophisticated art curation services for luxury residential and common space area of offices and luxury condominiums. J. Steven Manolis personally heads the curation services. Very few galleries have the access to the supply of original work that enables them to curate many large spaces at once. We can procure any art through our relationship with many artists and curate and install the works in order to provide a turnkey service.

J. Steven Manolis in his studio at Manolis Projects

J. Steven Manolis in his studio at Manolis Projects

Commissioned Works

The ultimate luxury is to have an artist create custom paintings for your personal or business space. We can provide custom size works for your home, office, or building lobby. We have arrangements with many living artists to help you create the perfect space and ambiance.

Gallery - Manolis Projects

Manolis Projects is a family business owned by artist J. Steven Manolis and his wife Myrthia Moore.  Additionally, Myrthia’s sons, Jason and Brian are helping to bring Manolis Projects to the next level of service and expertise. We all have different roles.

Steven brings his business expertise and profound knowledge of art history and curation, both as an artist and as the former (1997-2006) Chairman of the Advisory Board of the National Academy of Design in New York City.  Prior to his Chairmanship, he spent 1987-1997 serving as a Member of the Advisory Board of the National Academy of Design. He also served as a Trustee and Development Director of the Vermont Studio Center, from 2007 until 2016. This is the largest international artist residency program in the United States. He was also a Trustee of the Emily Mason Wolf Kahn Foundation from 2007-2016.

Many of our gallery artists are members of the National Academy of Design (National Academicians.) Additionally, we strive to bring new artists who have the potential of becoming collectible artists. We want to help our clients invest in art they love and that has the potential to appreciate over time.

Myrthia has a background in finance and economics, as well as, having a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is also an artist who designs jewelry.


Manolis Projects

335 NE 59th Street
Miami, Florida 33137



Open 7 days a week
By appointment only



(917) 971-3201

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